Our approach consists of 5 stages and stands out from our competitors through our knowledge of the supply chain :

1. Needs' analysis: In collaboration with the client, we discuss the requirements for the position, the desired qualities, the growth potential of the position, the organizational climate, the management style of the company and the objectives and priorities of the Position to be filled.

2. Search: We establish a search strategy specific to the position to be filled. We usually use three sources to target our searches. We have an extensive network of contacts in companies and from various associations and partners in the supply chain. We target companies in the industry or with similar challenges. We also have a very large candidate's database in this discipline. If necessary, and with the client approval, we advertise in some media.

3. Evaluation: Following the study of the resume, we conduct structured interviews with candidates including behavioral and situational questionnaires. At the client's request, our team can further evaluate the candidate through a series of professional competency tests.

4. Recommendation: During this step, we submit to the customer our search report together with our observations and the finalists' resume. Interviews conducted by the customer lead to your final selection. Prior to an offer being extended, we validate the customer's choice through a verification of the references. Thereafter, at the request of the customer, we can participate in the final negotiations.

5. Monitoring: We complete regular follow-up with the customer, the immediate superior and the new employee to ensure the mutual satisfaction and the smooth integration of the selected candidate in his workplace.


We are always looking for candidates of choice!

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