Do you work in the supply chain field?
Are you looking for new challenges?

GCRL is the recruiting firm best positioned to help candidates looking for new challenges in the supply chain domain.

We can evaluate your expertise and to validate the adequacy between your experiments, your objectives, your expectations and the needs of our customers. Moreover, after having retained your candidature, our recruiters can advise you on your approaches with our customers.


In addition, GCRL is always looking for high caliber  resources  to grow its team of Associates and analysts to help its customers.


You wish to expand your professional horizons?


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We are presently looking for candidates for:

RL-902 Gestionnaire de l’approvisionnement

RL-915 Surintendant, services techniques, emballage & expédition

RL-917 Chef, Service des achats (Comblé)

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